Mercedes-Benz Tweet Fleet

Like phones cars are getting smarter. In times of recession, where consumers are reluctant to splash out on expensive new cars. Being at the forefront of technology is one way car brands are remaining competitive and convincing consumers to part with their hard earned cash. Mercedes is no exception. Tapping into social media and using … Continue reading

Brands become storytellers on Pinterst

I’ve read a lot of articles recently telling you how to use Pinterest, but what really gets me excited is discovering a brand that does it to the tee! Pinterest being my latest obsession lead me to discover Chobani a really great example of a brand using social media the way the Evan Sharp (Pinterest … Continue reading

Yoghurt lovers – this one’s for you!

Being quite a health nut with a bit of a sweet tooth one of my most delectable loves without a doubt is yoghurt. Some may find this strange but for me it’s a healthy indulgent delight that happily satisfies my sweet craving without the guilt. In all my travels (not that they are that extensive … Continue reading

Holiday packages get a facelift

After looking at the medical industry and their use if social media in my last post I’ve been doing some more digging and am extremely excited about some of the gems I’ve since uncovered. Your next op could be more fun that expected Joburg city council has just launched the first ever South African Medical Tourism portal … Continue reading

A healthy dose of social media

One area that we spend a lot of time talking and often complaining about is our health. So it’s surprising that the healthcare industry is lagging behind when it comes to social media as this is where the conversation today is happening. It’s believed that the healthcare industry is almost 10 years behind other industries … Continue reading