Posted in February 2011

Almost Time!!

On a lighter note.. there is good news in the world! Next week I plan to leave for my trip to London. It all seems quite surreal and I haven’t really been all that excited about it, but now as the time approaches closer and it seems more really the excitement is kicking in.  I’m … Continue reading

Even Silence Has an End

Last night I sat down to watch Oprah, expecting something entertaining and mindless to pass the time. Wow was I wrong.  Oprah was interviewing Ingrid Betancourt’s the Franco-Colombian politician who survived six and a half horrific years in captivity in the Amazon jungle at the hands of Farc guerrillas. I was absolutely shocked at this … Continue reading

London Town

So I am getting a little excited. It seems that my long awaited travel plans are starting to come together.. At the beginning of March (a few weeks away) I’ll get jetting off to London Town for the launch of the new vida e caffe store in Goodge Street. (if you’re around coem for a … Continue reading

long live social media

I just came across one of the coolest articles I’ve read in a long time.. The article’s entitled “15 online business models you’ll wish you’d thought of first…” URL: It’s because of the power of social media that the majority of these ideas are possible, and it’s also the reason behind their success. One … Continue reading