long live social media

I just came across one of the coolest articles I’ve read in a long time..

The article’s entitled “15 online business models you’ll wish you’d thought of first…” URL: http://bit.ly/gJgabs

It’s because of the power of social media that the majority of these ideas are possible, and it’s also the reason behind their success.

One of my favorites on this list is airbnb– it allows people to find unique places to stay all over the world, and also allows you as a ‘host’ to offer your home, room, loft, apartment, boat, treehouse,  villa, castle etc to people from all over the world.

 “The site connects people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay. Guests can build real connections with their hosts, gain access to distinctive spaces, and immerse themselves in the culture of their destinations. Whether it’s an urban apartment or countryside castle, Airbnb makes it effortless to showcase your space to an audience of millions, and to find the right space at any price point, anywhere”.


 When visiting anew country or destination there’s no better way to get a real feel for the place that to ‘live like the locals’ and this site allows just that. It also allows a platform to connect with real people all over the world.

 You can use the site to either book accommodation, or list your accommodation (as a host) – I think this is one of the best ideas I’ve heard of in a long time, and am completely blown away. Love love love it!

 I’m off to London for work in a few weeks but while I am there was wondering to see other parts of Europe too – Paris and Italy being ‘musts’.. so I will definitely be using this tool! Fabulous if you ask me!

 The next really cool idea from this article is patientslikeme.. an online community that shares their problems, experiences, causes and cures for various illnesses.  I think this is such a great concept as sometime people are unable to afford professional treatment, and a community like this is able to offer advice and even solutions or cures for at no cost as well.

“Named one of the ”15 companies that will change the world”, PLM is a social networking site that allows users to share symptom and treatment information, but also lets doctors and medical researchers access the site to collect anonymous information to improve healthcare and develop cures. On top of this, as a commercial business, it sells data to pharmaceutical companies.”


I see how this can be related to ‘medical forum’ websites, but what makes it different is the social media elements which allows users to interact in real time and share information. It’s not just for patients though – caregivers can also use the site and offer advice to the community at no cost to the patient.

I’m pretty sure there is some kind of authentication process to prevent random people giving completely nonsensical advise to unsuspecting patients. I don’t think it would ever replace actual doctors and medical professionals, I just think it’s a great info sharing platform, where people with the same conditions are able to connect and made to feel that “they’re not a lone”

Groupon is another that has taken off dramatically, and I have even been approached at work by them already, as well as other subsequent pop up companies with the same / similar concept (twangoo, city mob, counting cow etc..)  I think it has massive potential but brands need to be careful not to devalue / discount themselves too much in this environment. However this concept works better for some brands than others, so marketers will need to be smart in making a decision as to whether to use a platform such as this.


As a lover of specials and discounts in any shape or form, I do think that this platform has massive value to consumers, as its makes them aware of new deals on a daily basis offering them something different they may not have though to try. Some of the deals are really naff though – so again, we need to be clever with the marketing here peeps!

Check out the full article because there are so many other AWSOME ideas and sites out there! And my little blog can’t do them justice, go see for yourself.

Social media is really changing life as we know it – many people I speak to are not in favor of it, but myself, I must say I’m completely smitten!

Long live social media!


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