London Town

So I am getting a little excited.

It seems that my long awaited travel plans are starting to come together..

At the beginning of March (a few weeks away) I’ll get jetting off to London Town for the launch of the new vida e caffe store in Goodge Street. (if you’re around coem for a coffee!)

Having never been to London I’m super excited, just very concerned about the rand/ pound ratio so I’ll be doing a lot of window shopping and very little actual shopping.. L

So while I’m in London I’m also planning to pop over to Paris (because there you can just do that!) for a weekend or so.

Very excited about this as it’s always been a dream of mine to go to Paris!

In other news, I went to a talk by Jeremy Gardiner of Investec on Monday who spoke about the current state of the world economy – all very interesting although a fair amount did go over my head.

But what I can gather from it, is that us Saffers are not that bad off as many of us had thought.

The state of affairs in South Africa seem to be improving, and doing much better than many other countries around the world.

Interesting to hear that Germany is the strongest it’s been since the early 80’s.. and that they expect massive uprising in Portugal as their predicting their economy to take a massive blow later this year *watch this space*

After watching Wallstreet last night, and listening to Jeremy’s talk on Monday I definitely think I need to educate myself a lot more in terms of the stock market and world economy.. any suggested reading please feel free to share!


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