Almost Time!!

On a lighter note.. there is good news in the world!

Next week I plan to leave for my trip to London.

It all seems quite surreal and I haven’t really been all that excited about it, but now as the time approaches closer and it seems more really the excitement is kicking in.

 I’m really excited to be staying with an old AAA (and Springfiled actually) friend of mine Natalie who has really kindly offered me a palace to stay while I’m there! Really excited to see her as I haven’t since graduating! It will be really great to have a familiar face to see every day and to also relax with after work.. because let’s face it, it will be work!

Yesterday I was extremely diligent and put together my budget and included all the things I want to do / go / see while over there. If anyone has any suggestions of really cool places to see or things to do (besides the main ones – like little sneaky have to have been/ lived there before type ones) let me know J

Am very concerned about the cold because as I type this I have a blanket over my legs and wrapped around me in our office (to be fair for some reason the aircon is always on minus a million in here – even when its 40 degrees outside)

The great thing is that I’m sure I’ll be able to get loads of delicious vida e caffe coffee everyday which is a bonus and will keep me warm. I’m actually really excited about the launch – it’s such a great accomplishment for a local brand so am very pround to be playing a part in tehglobal take over 🙂

Due to I still don’t have a confirmed departure date but I am assuming that its around next Friday..

If anyone is around London 4 – 14 March give me a shout or pop into the Goodge Street store fro a coffee!

Very frustrating for a virgo/ organiser/ planner like me but what can I do.

I will no doubt be very stressed before I leave but hay!

 I really wanted to visit Paris while over there as its always been a dream of mine – just getting a spate vida now is such a mission and extra expense so might have to make a another trip to visit L’amour c’est Paris! Maybe vida will open up in Paris soon and I can go over again for the launch 🙂 *grin*

London, I’m excited to meet you!



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