london town. cold. not wet. great coffee. FAB.

So I have landed safely in london – sorry for the delayed message 🙂
Can I just say right now that this place is amazing, but I could never live here 🙂

Loving the transport system but is really leaves me feeling like if got off a treadmill at the end of the day and am in a serious rat race!
I can’t believe what long hours people work here – i always considered myself a hard worker, but wow here leaving work at 7pm is normal!! not for me i tell you.

So I was worried that I wouldn’t get any exercise while I am here. wow was I wrong! No one warns you about all the walking gees on Sunday I think i must
have walked over 10km between the two stores, Golden Square (SOHO) and Goodge (don’t know local area) alone.. that’s besides the to and from tube stations and then back home.. where there was no bus so I had to walk.. again 🙂
Well if i were doing the two oceans I’d be have trained by now – lol, not really but close enough.

I LOVE all the shops though, too much to absorb!
Everything is beautiful! Expect for maybe primark.. where there is awesome stuff (amongst the rubbish) and SUPER CHEAP.

Can I just ask – does every person in London shop at primark?
Seriously. I was trying to find it in Oxford street on Sunday and it was like everyone was mocking me because I just kept walking and walking up the street, and everyone walking down the
street seemed to have a noticable Primark bag in hand..!

Eventually I found it – let me just say – wow! Its SOO cheap but again you get what you pay for.
any the lines – OH MY GOD! i have never seen chaos like that. organised chaos, but chaos none the less.

Anyway so i had a good little budget shopping spree where I got three jersey tops, leggings and a vest for £29!! seriously?
I LOVE the fashion here – i feel like such a plebb because the girls have the most amazing stuff, but im too cold to try compete so just sticking to my coat, leggings/ jeans, scarves
and lots of warm tops.

I seem to have developed a cold since being here – typical me! When I went to Switzerland i got mumps. seriously.
But thankfully Nats had some corenza c (which apparently you can’t get here so will have to post her some more back), antihistamine and this stuff here called day nurse.
hopefully that kicks it.

ive been drinking loads of amazing vida sumo de l’orange (orange juice for those naive folk) and mint tea which is amazing and have no idea why no one does this at home??
It literally mind leaves with boiling water poured over it. might be nice to add some lemon and maybe ginger but the mint alone is fine..

Last night was Shrove Tuesday (most people didn’t even know what that is!) so the girls I’m staying with decided to have pancake night.
I was feeling super crappy so didn’t partake too much but the nutella, banana and syrup pancakes that were getting churned out did make me feel a lot better 🙂

When people told me that starbucks and nero were on every corner i didn’t quite get it, but seriously, oh my gosh they are everywhere!
I had my first starbucks on the weekend and personally I thought it was crap.

And on the topic of vida (the reason im here) the store opened yesterday..
We had a good first day, did four sets of coffee card hand out but gee london people are full of shot – to put it nicely
Here I am offering them a FREE coffee and they down right refuse.. they have a very different mindset here, must be this cold weather!

Had a good first day though, despite the brand being unkown and the store looks awsome!

I have more pics on my camera but daft me forgot the cable at home, so will updload later..

Was so funny, last night at pancake night some of the guys there were talking about ‘how great the weather has been’. I just laughed!
Shame – they are deprived! there were two days with blue sky’s and a bit of sun (still freezing temps though) and everyone thought it was summer. lol.

Haven’t seen too many sights – saw London Eye,  and big ben on Sunday.. hopefully I get to a few more this weekend, but to be honest I’m not all that much of a ‘tourist’ so not too fussed really
but i suppose as I’m here I should just see them – to say I have *grin*

So that’s kind of it so far.
Cold. Literally and stiffly. Good coffee. Great shops. Looking forward to the rest 🙂

Over for now


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