it’s been too long

It feels like ages since I wrote a post, and to be honest it has!

The last time I wrote was in London Town and so much has happened since then.

Firstly, let me just say that I can’t believe its April already! here is this year going?!

The last month has been super busy for me…

But let’s rewind a little..

London was amazing! It was freezing (well for me at least – they seemed to think ut was ‘warm’) and I’m not sorry to not have to wear five layers of clothing anymore, but I loved it! The streets, the shops, the tube (not during rush hour though) all combined to accumulate to an amazing experience.

I spent most of my time in central London as that’s where our two stores are – in Goodge Street and Golden Square. I love this part of London – it’s so trendy and everything is just so beautiful.

I did many a walk up and down Oxford street and looking around the shops. I fell in love with Zara and H&M!  Primark isn’t bad either, but not the same thing.. 🙂

I also spent a but if time in Convent Garden – it’s a more romantic that Oxford street as it’s filled with little streets all zigzagging across and off each other..

I went to Portabello market in Notting Hill which I LOVED. I could have spent the entire day there.. I also saw ‘the door’ from Notting Hill (the movie – one of my fav’s), On one of my last days I went to Camden Town which was also a great experience. It’s very gothic and grungy but really cool! Not sure if I’d go there at night, but during the day it’s divine!

Harrods was another highlight 0 after always hearing about it, to actually go in was awesome, and bought one tin of English toffee’s as a souvenir..

Something I discovered and fell in love with are PERCY PIGS! I brought them back for all my bestie’s 🙂 The pig tails are amazing.. going to have to order online!!

Jamie got a little spoilt, bought him the Gap Hoodie he’s always wanted, along with a tee and long sleeve shirt Esprite and Gap.

Duty free is actually still really expensive but I found a divine Lacoste cologne for Jame there and a DKNY duel set for me at a a really good price *score*

I loved all the little deli’s and café’s jotted around the street, and you can’t not notice the Nero and Starbucks on every corner – something I wasn’t a fan of as their coffee is really rubbish, but I suppose I’m biased!

One of my highlights was going to see the west end show ‘We Will Rock you’ at the Tottenem court Road theatre. It was spectacular, I just wish I’d been able to see some more shows (wicked in Particular) bit I suppose there’s always next time.

I managed to get to all the sights; Buckingham Palace, Traphalger Square, Westminster Abby, Big Ben, The London Eye, Hyde Park. I  took a boat ride up the Temps which was incredible and got to see Shake sphere’s globe, St Pauls, London Bridge and the Tower of London and I managed to go to Madame Tausaudes – which was awesome!








I loved how easy the tube made things to get around but I did feel like a sheep being herded around a lot of the time, especially in peak hours, and I couldn’t handle all the people crammed into one tiny confined space.. not ideal. The buses had me baffled – could not figure out their scheduled, as I suppose its not higher grade at all, but I didn’t use them all that much so just knew the one bus I had to catch, and I even got that wrong once or twice and ended up having to jump off in a complete state of panic and endure a 20 minute walk back to the station.



No one warns you how much walking there is there though! I swear I must have done 8km – 10 km a day just walking around!

In cape Town one drives everywhere and I even circle around parking lots waiting until I can get a space right outside the entrance – not the same in London. There you walk!

But I must say I loved it and it was a fabulous experience. I went out a couple of nights, Elke Bar, a lounge/bar in Tooting and even Tiger Tiger (in London nog al!)

I would love to go back in Summer (well their version of summer) and experience it then..

One tick off my bucket list 🙂


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