2oceans vibe..now on under5foot

 The guys at 2oceanvibe.com really deserve a high five.

They keep me very entertained from the news that’s actually newsworthy to the likes of ‘Leopard With A Meerkat Identity Crisis’

 You’ve gotta love their sense of humour, often with a slight cynical or sarcastic undertone..

One of their ideas that I just love is ‘Jack Friday’ where they’re running a petition to stop all work after 1pm (or there abouts) and they have given away an ‘afternoon off’ where they call up your boss and pledge on yoru behalf for you t get the afternoon off to take part in the prize they’re offering – sweet!

 This is  just one of the many quirky ideas and posts you’ll find on 2oceansvibe.com. Everything they do is uber cool, so when I saw the latest post in how to add 2oceansvibe Radio to your blog (yes there isa radio station too!) I just had to do it 🙂


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