not just another italian job

Last night I was invited to the re-opening of Massimo’s – wow I was blown away!

who would have thought just over Constantia neck lies a delectable Italian gem!
Thin crust pizza bases with fresh toppings amplifying every taste bud – delish!

The husband and wife team – Massimo and Tracy – really put out an amazing spread and have created something truly special. They started their restaurant by serving pizza’s from their garden in France and when they moved to SA decided to what can only be described as a picturesque pizzeria right out of Europe!

We were treated to a selection of pizza’s off the menu and a few salads too!
for me my favourite was the gorgonzola.. the smellier the cheese the better I say.

Another highlight and the real reason I wanted to go was the roasted chestnuts that were served at the end!
I fell in love with ‘maroni’ the Swiss name for roasted chestnuts when I was there is 2004.

Since then when I think back to walking down Banhoff Strasse in Zurich in the freezing cold and stopping off at one of the maroni stands on the sidewalk makes my mouth water and yearn for the delectable taste and texture of these awesome little nuts!

I loved how after eating a bag of them your hands are blacked with the soot that is left on their shells as they;’re roasted in the bug mettle drums they use..

And so last night Massimo’s allowed me to revisit my fond memories of Switzerland by the serving ‘maroni’ – they must be the only place in SA that does this (but I stand to be corrected)

The restaurant itself is divine with beautiful art on the walls and simple clean design. I think I’ve found a new wintery hangout – I’ll definitely be backt o try the rest of the menu!


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