its easter time!

For the first time in a long time it really feels like Easter.

Easter eggs all over the place, little mini Lindt Easter bunnies and I even got given a marzipan Easter frog this morning.. which I’ll give to Jamie as an Easter gift and hopefully earn brownie point *snigger*

The little frog guy reminds me of Easter when I was small. I used to get so excited and run ot the liunge (or the garden) and look for my presents from the Easter bunny ..

One thing I never bought into was those white hard Easter eggs. Everyone loves them but I really don’d dig them hay.. they make your mpith all white, they’re hard to Eat and what is that white coating anyway.. naa I prefer the good stuff, I always asked for Lindt, Cote D’or and Ferro Roche in my easter basket *snob at a young age*

Today with so much social media and marketing around the holiday I feel bombarded by Easter this year. Every brand, blogger, facebooker and tweeter are uploading pictures about Easter – Easter chocolates, Easter bunnies, Easter cakes, Easter lunches, Easter holidays – you name it!

Makes me bleek to be at work today I must be honest! I must say I’m a sucker for it and am enjoying reading up on all the different posts. Shapes one step ahead and has even written an article on how to beat the Easter bloat after you eat too much chocolate before you do (get it?)

The offices has an Easter feel today too, the little Easter frog for example was a gift and we all got little vida chocolate gifts with Lindt Bunnies and a slab of Lindt Chocolate Mousse… yes be jealous!

Here’s a little inside scoop though – if you go to any vida tomorrow and over the Easter weekend you too can get a gold Lindt bunny! (the mini ones 🙂 )

So I think in the spirit of Easter I’ll make a little Lindt Easter Bunny hunt for Jamie – he’ll probably think I’m a freak but at least I’ll entertain myself for half an hour or so – hopefully I don’t forget where I hide them all 🙂

So, happy Easter from under5foot.
Sadly I’ll be in the office next week Thursday and Friday so pop in for coffee if you ‘ve nothing better to do!


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