Posted in June 2011

Long live the trefoil

As fate would have it after writing yesterday that I have yet to see my favourite vegetable, the butternut, used in cakes and sweet treats – low an behold at the Adidas store launch party last night what did we get offered – butternut cheesecake! Can you think of anything more delicious, two of my … Continue reading

warrior workout time

Aside from sweet treats my exercise regime and 360 challenge is well underway. Tuesday was such a lovely day I decided to run myself down to the vida outside Cavendish, have a café and run home. Well I did – 5.5km later! Very stoked with myself. That evening my bestie, Miss Faye Reynolds, and I … Continue reading

a teatime treat with a difference

One thing I didn’t mention in my post yesterday was the AMAZING Rosemary and Olive Oil cake I had at Skinny Legs Don’t let the name put you off – it was absolutely incredible – with Lindt chocolate drizzled over the top, honestly one of the nicest teatime treats I’ve had in a while. It’s … Continue reading

hot spots around town

Yesterday I spent the afternoon wondering around the city checking out a variety of new luxury cafés and restaurants that are popping up all over the place. I didn’t realise how many new ones there around was quite surprised to see many of them packed throughout the day. These are defiantly some really cool and … Continue reading

beating the monday blues.

Monday again – can you believe it. After quite a chilled weekend, getting out of bed this morning was pretty hard. Anyway, plodding along and the day seems to be going quite smoothly so far. After missing Thursday 360 training session on Thursday  last week I think today is going to quite tiresome. I did … Continue reading

5 year celebration at Old Mac Daddy…

Yesterday was completely insane! So as a result my post weekend wrap up had to be postponed till today.. Let me just start by saying WOW! The pictures just can’t do a place like Old Mac Daddy justice. Our trailer was super cool, every little detail was thought of and there was even a bottle … Continue reading

sony goes sci-fi

ITS THE WEEEEKEEEEND BABY! WOOHOO and in less than 3 ½ hours we’ll be on our way to Old Mac Daddy! But before all that I just had to share this uber cool, but very sci-fi gadget.. me likey! Footnote: me-likely is a turn coined from Sex and the City, one of Miss Carrie Bradshaw’s … Continue reading

it’s almost the weeeekeeend BABY!

The weekend is almost upon us, and this weekend is a very exciting one in deed! It’s Jamie and my 5 year anniversary and to celebrate we’re going away to Old Mac Daddy – a luxury caravan park in Elgin Really excited as I’ve been planning it for the last month and the time has … Continue reading