post script

So once I started writing again I got into a bit of a groove, so here’s post 2 for June – great start for this month it looks like 🙂

Another little shindig that went down in May was our Girls drinks evening. I was very Martha-Stuart-like and made focaccia’s from scratch. well I bought the doe and seasoned them myself and had them fresh from the oven when the ladies arrived. They went down really well so was quite chuffed with myself.

Another big event that went down at Albion Place yesterday was that finally, after almost 3 years of no ADSL connection at home Jamie and I finally managed to get it all sorted and connected. For R150 a month we now have unlimited internet at home – awesome. it’s just a little slow but hopefully won’t always be the case.

Jamie also had a Martha Stuart moment last week where he was craving a roast, so together we made a fabulous mid-week chicken roast, even with gravy. I added in the gravy because Jame made this himself, from scratch (well with the help of Ina Paarman) and was very happy with the result 🙂

I’ve also got quite into tofu – I just haven’t pinned down the best way to cook it yet so will be giving that a go and reporting back in later posts.
A few other exciting developments have arisen, but you will have to wait with baited breathe for those to unfold in later posts.

So over and out for now
Toodles xx


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