Where did May go?

Seriously. Where did May go? It’s been a month since my last post and I deserve a slap on the wrist for that but things have been pretty hectic the last few weeks..Although there has been a lot happening I don’t really feel like I have much to say and don’t want to bore you, my adoring reader *grin*

Some exciting reports back would be the 5 Gum experience I managed to get Jamie and I tickets to last Saturday. It was with Etienne De Cresis, one of the original founders of Daft Punk (not that I really knew who that was but Jamie did and thought it was pretty cool 🙂 )

It was quite awesome though to say the least – they had amazing light projections and lasers and loads of trans music, which I’m not usually a fan of but actually grew on me throughout the night. Another bonus of the evening was that it was free drinks (and free gum hehe) which always make a party better right..

The downside was that it was held in the red shed warehouse at the waterfront and it was absolutely FREEZING on Saturday night – even Jamie was cold, which is really unlike him, so those who know me can only imagine how freezing I was.

We managed to pull a sneaky move and got into VIP. Jame being the charmer that he is managed to get us talking to the only other guys wearing collared shirts in the party. Everyone else was in hoodies, jackets, ugg boots – you get my drift and there we were dressed to the nines – feeling very preppy and out of place. But in the VIP section we felt more at home, and the collared shirt guys we got-a-talking-to turned out to be the big wigs at Wrigley, the event sponsors.

Jamie and I seem to make a pretty good networking team.. turns out the guy we were chatting to was the GM at Wrigley, and it also turns out that at vida we’re busy looking into doing a chewing gum.. so even after a few drinks, I put two and two together and got chatting about some opportunities –needless to say we have a meeting set up in a couple of weeks.


I actually can’t believe it’s already June – complete madness!

In other exciting news next weekend is Jamie and my 5 year anniversary, so working my connections again, I’ve managed to get a fabulous deal for a weekend away at Old Mac Daddy in Elgin – a luxury caravan park! So we’re off next Friday for a weekend of bliss, hope the weather isn’t too bad..

This weekend holds yet more partying with one of Jamie’s best friend’s (and biggest party animals) birthday celebration on Friday night, followed by an equally hectic party animal’s birthday party at The Reserve on Saturday night.. luckily we’re on the guest list *grin*

A little concerned about finances this month with all these celebrations and merriment, and considering I had to go to the dentist (who I haven’t been to in over 2 years! eek) which was a nice little R900 thanks very much!

Hmph. Well hopefully I win some competitions this month – has been a while since I won something so having withdrawals..
I did win some movie tickets though which was pretty sweet.. so sure those will come in handy towards the end of the month when we can’t afford to do anything else 🙂

One achievement I am proud of over the last month is that I have increased my running distance and am now running between 3km – 4.5km quite easily and consistently.. something I didn’t really think I’d ever do. To be fair I don’t run the whole way in one go, I walk on an incline in-between, but it still does the job and I am able to do more and more so am pretty stoked about that. Jamie says ut doesn’t count till it’s all in one go, but I say bollocks! I’ll never be a marathon runner and to be honest don’t really want to be. I get bored on the treadmill so after 30 min (that’s how long it usually takes me) I’m over it.

I did a road run last night which was pretty nice but it gets so cold and dark so it’s not ideal, so good old Kelvin gym will have to make do most of the time. I love running in newlands – the smell of the trees and the fresh rain, the cute little cottages I look at and dream of owning as I run by, the old couples walking their dogs together.. ahh am such a southern subrub gal!

The last bit of news that I want to share with before I sign off is the arrival Miss Rebecca Kernow Bolle, the daughter of our good friends Shelly and Eligh, known amongst friends as Sheligh 🙂 Haven’t had the chance to meet her yet but am hoping to pop in and visit soon..

Well goodbye May, you were a fairly crappy month and hello June.. let’s hope you’re better!
Over and out


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