workout about to get a major kick!

With the onset of winter it makes you just want to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle and DVD’s…

Well not for me this year it appears – the guys at 360 training have given me a winter challenge which I have embraced wholeheartedly!

After going to the lunch time warrior workouts for the last 6 months I can really see a change – I fell stringer and the other day I braved the 8kg weigh – something I thought I’d never do. The exercises are becoming easier and I feel I am able to push myself further every time.

Running is also getting easier and I am able to run for longer at a greater pace each time I train. I think back to when I used to get exciting about finishing 1km, now I’m up to 5km -well not every time, I’m averaging 3.5km – 4.5km during my regular gym session and have done a few 5km runs this last week.

For those uber keen gym-buddy’s out there this probably doesn’t seem like much at all, but for me it’s an achievement and I’m super proud of myself.

But how has 360 specialized training helped? (

Well the added strength training has definitely helped my performance, allowing me to train harder for longer.
So, the challenge is: the guys at 360 will be taking all my measurements, fitness and strength levels etc and then monitor my performance and improvements over 4 weeks.

Let’s see if I can get 5km under my belt easier and quicker by July!
I’ll be writing regular posts tracking my performance right here on under5foor …

Stay tuned and if you’re keen to get on board let me know and I’ll see if I can hook you up with some sessions!
For all the ladies there is an awesome class on Saturday mornings (9am) specific tailored for gals – it’s called Tight tush (quite cute!)
I’m keen to get a group together for next next Saturday so if you’re keen drop me a line 🙂

Off for a lunch time session soon so better get back to the grind


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