competition from – YES PLEASE!

I couldn’t help myself *blush*

For my second post for today I just coudln’t help but enter into this fab competition..

I ‘d really really LOVE an apple iphone, so in the name of being a good sport please consider this my entry. and winner *grin*.

If you read my previous post you will see that today is not a very good day, and winning an iphone would make it a bit sweeter to say the least.

Also considering that I am a regular entrant into many of the competitions and have yet to win anything.. which for anyone who know’s me will know is highly upsetting, I’d really love to win this! I like winning and haven’t for a while so this would be a really great ego boost.



Pretty please with the biggest cherry on top pick me.
I really deserve it and will use this awesome newly acquired piece of technology to enter all your fabulous competitions …

If I don’t win I am going to be highly upset and stamp my foot. not a pretty sight – so be warned 🙂

I’m holding thumbs and waiting in anticipation…. just so you know.
*nudge nudge, wink wink*


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