it’s almost the weeeekeeend BABY!

The weekend is almost upon us, and this weekend is a very exciting one in deed!
It’s Jamie and my 5 year anniversary and to celebrate we’re going away to Old Mac Daddy – a luxury caravan park in Elgin

Really excited as I’ve been planning it for the last month and the time has finally arrived!
*woop woop*

But before we head for the hills of Elgin I have to get through the rest of today.. hmph.
Not as bad a day as yesterday – thank goodness, but it’s still early. lol.

Today is the second 360 training class for the week and the second edition of my 360 workout challenge!
I’ve felt so lazy this week so am keen for a good workout later..

Something totally unrelated to anything I’ve been talking about, but I just have to mention it ..
Yesterday I was driving past the waterfront, around that circle as you drive in and I saw this old BMW (dolphin) drive past with a huge-ass picture of Bin laden on the back windscreen and date he was born and died.


WHO DOES THAT? Seriously?
I was in such shock I didn’t have time to whip out my blackberry and take a shot.. wish I had , was classic. in the sick kind of ‘you’re a freak’ classic sense.

And on that note I bring this post to a close.
It’s almost the weekend which is all that really matters right now – except that I wish I’d won the lottery, but suppose I’d have to have bought a ticket to do that right? I did find R20 on the floor in Pnp the other day, so that’s a bonus!



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