sony goes sci-fi


WOOHOO and in less than 3 ½ hours we’ll be on our way to Old Mac Daddy!

But before all that I just had to share this uber cool, but very sci-fi gadget.. me likey!

Footnote: me-likely is a turn coined from Sex and the City, one of Miss Carrie Bradshaw’s token phrases. I watched the movie last night .. need I say more

Ok back to what I was talking about – 2020 will see the launch of computer wristwatches!
Sony plans on launching this futuristic product in the next few years – looks like star wars isn’t too far off then hay!

So far they’ve made a prototype where they’ve developed a computer to be worn as a bracelet. sounds bazaar.
It will have a flexible OLED touchscreen and is said to feature: a holographic projector (for screens), pull-out extra keyboard panels and social networking compatibility.

Check it out!

Hmm.. not sure if I’d actually wear one of these babies – doubt it comes in my size anyway, but is still pretty cool me thinks.


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