5 year celebration at Old Mac Daddy…

Yesterday was completely insane!

So as a result my post weekend wrap up had to be postponed
till today..

Let me just start by saying WOW!

The pictures just can’t do a place like Old Mac Daddy justice. Our trailer was super cool, every little detail was thought of and there was even a bottle of champers waiting for us when we arrived!

The view are breath-taking and we enjoy a couple of bottles of wine on our deck taking them in!

On Friday when we arrived we sat outside on the beautiful winters evening (the weather was really great – we were super lucky) and had a few glasses of wine. We then went down to the restaurant area which is was divine. It felt like a modern ‘barn’ with the high ceilings and timber fini9shings/ All the décor is super ‘green’ – really unique and trendy.  I like that fact that more and more places are becoming eco-friendly and using natural materials as much as possible so loads of brownie points scored there.

Dinner was also divine, the menu was quite limited but the food was really good.

We chilled by a gorgeous fireplace and had a fairly early night..

In the morning after breakfast we got ready for our first ever trail biking experience together.

no comment.

Once I got over having a panic attack and the heart palpitations for fear of falling of my boke, the ride was pretty cool. minus the hills, which my legs were not too impressed with and I ended up pushing my bike up most of them. But it was fun, and really beautiful.

After about 45 minutes of riding I suggested we turn around and make our way back.

Jamie who was having the time of his life (he took a video of himself skidding and attempting stunts let me just add) was not too keen to
head back.he managed to convince me that if we just carried on going we’d loop back to Mac Daddy.

I should have knownt was too good to be true.

After passing a small little farming settlement we were no longer on the dirt track, but rather one of the main roads. But Jamie was still convinced that we were on the right track and assured me we’d loop back in no time.

An hour and a half later, after an emotional rollercoaster – almost being knocked over by speeding cars, pushing myself to keep going up
uper steep hills, crying – we ended up at Peregrines – 17km away from Mac Daddy.

Let me just put it out there. I’m not a cyclist – but 17km for my first ride EVER was pretty good I thought. Although pretty slow but to be
fair I made Jame walk quite a bit, and we probably could have done it quicker but it was just all too much for lil ol me 😉

Anyway we ended up laughing about it and Jame felt really bad for getting us lost. It wasn’t really his fault to be honest so I let him off
the hook.

After we called the driver at Old Mac Daddy to come and fetch us (as it was still another 18km or so back to the lodge) we had a shower and were back on the road. By this stage all the wine tastings I had planned we closed, so by chance we stumbled across the Elgin Country Club where we were treated to a really nice lunch (which was really reasonable – R45 for ladies steak, I mean that’s really cheap).

Jame was pretty keen to pop into the local pub for a drink  so we stopped in at the Bear and Barrel for a beer. I suppose I don’t really need to say it wasn’t all too much to my liking.. so we didn’t stay too long 🙂

We got back to Mac Daddy in time for the Stomers vs Bulls game which we watched down in the lounge area with the other guests. A few drinks in we were extremely friendly and made friends with literally every person there.

After the game dinner sounded like a good idea so after a light bite to eat we met our newly acquainted friends at the bar for some drinks.

By 1am I’m not sure if the restaurant closed or if we voluntarily decided to move on, but we all headed up to one of the couple trailers. That was pretty much the end of my night to say the least but from what I hear the rest of the gang carried on partying for a while longer.

Sunday was a gorgeous day – not that Jamie and I really appreciated it 🙂

After breakfast and a power nap we said goodbye to Elgin and started on our way home.

All in all it was a really awesome weekend – full of adventure!

Definitely somewhere I’d recommend and would love to go to again.

The company wasn’t bad either 🙂



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