It feels like Friday.. the thirteenth!

Today is definitely bed weather.

The storm has just broken over cape town and believe you me  I am not in any way keen to venture out at all. luckily the office aircon is
off so that’s a bonus – I’m not freezing my tushi off like I usually am (even  in summer).

Some days, despite what the weather is doing you wish you had just stayed in bed. I hate those days where one thing goes wrong one after
another.. fortunately that’s not the case for me today *touch wood* but  shame, my poor Jamie is having a dreadful day 😦

Starting off by forgetting him phone at home (I hate that!) followed  by a leak, which was supposed to have been fixed which wasn’t, soaking his computer  topped off with reversing into a pole.

I’ve had those days.  I  hate them.

But as I said to him – things come in three’s so he’s off  the hook for now.

Yes I’m very superstitious.

He better not go walking under ladders , he does that on  site – I can’t handle it, or breaking mirrors, or crossing paths any black

At least tomorrow a holiday so we can chill.

Well that’s the plan – let’s see what happens.

Karma / Fate/ Murphy’s Law please give us a break!


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