beating the monday blues.

Monday again – can you believe it.

After quite a chilled weekend, getting out of bed this morning was pretty hard.

Anyway, plodding along and the day seems to be going quite smoothly so far.

After missing Thursday 360 training session on Thursday  last week I think today is going to quite tiresome.

I did manage to get a run in on Saturday and Sunday – just around Newlands but the weather perked up a bit so I thought instead of bashing away
at the gym I’d hit the streets of the local ‘burb.

I try to vary the route so as to keep myself entertained, generally winding up and down the cute little avenue’s and streets taking in the
crisp winter air and gazing upon the quaint little cottages I hope to own one day 🙂

Here’s an overview of a few of the routes I did this weekend:


Maybe one day they’ll extend further, perhaps even into a neighbouring burb, but let’s not push it for now 🙂


Hopefully training today isn’t too hectic – my body is pretty sore but maybe doing a bit of exercise will help!

Otherwise nothing much to report.


On Friday night we ended up at Hudson’s for dinner with some friends of ours – I feel like a bit if a Hudsons local now but tits soo good!

On Saturday we had a birthday do in camps Bay – amazing house but was soo freezing! Can’t wait for summer to come around again..

Then last night we had a lovely dinner with Jamie’s family followed by watching a movie in bed before falling asleep.


Quite a lazy, weekend in general.

Much needed, but too short. as always.








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