hot spots around town

Yesterday I spent the afternoon wondering around the city checking out a variety of new luxury cafés and restaurants that are popping up
all over the place.

I didn’t realise how many new ones there around was quite surprised to see many of them packed throughout the day.

These are defiantly some really cool and different spots to try out – afternoon or evening:


Dear me and the tjing tjing bar

I absolutely loved this place! It’s got three levels, each with their own unique design.

The menu also changes every day or so as they use fresh organic ingredients (something which I love)


Bottom level – cafe and deli





Third level – Tjing Tjing Bar

Skinny Legs and All

What used to be an art gallery has been revamped into a real luxury style café – something you’d expect to fin along the streets of Europe
or even Australia..

Chic, simple, clean lines and minimalistic with home made organic style food and drinks – yum!



Piroschka Hungarian Kitchen

I stumbled across this little gem hidden away just next to & Union on Bree street.

Typical Hungarian style food in a really warm and cosy atmosphere.

Imagine a cold winters night with a group of mates over a glass of red wine, fire blazing and traditional Hungarian Goulash .. perfect for
this little nook!

They also make really divine Hungarian style pizza’s .. fresh, thin crust with flavoursome meats hot from the oven..

I was lucky enough to even get a taste 🙂


French Toast

French Toast is a really slick designed bar come restaurant.
Although open in the day I image the vibe to be much better at night.

I liked the wooden bar and interior although it had quote a asculine feel – not what I’d expected with a name like French Toast.

I’ve heard really good reports about it though so am definitely keen to give it a go.


Rotisserie 360

This is a really cool concept – a side street café where you can sit down or take away homemade style roast chicken with an assortment of
veggies and salads – all of which looked delicious! I couldn’t believe how packed the spot was. I tried the carrot and red lentil soup which was totally divine!

All you chicken lovers out here – ditch Nando’s and the likes and head to Rotisserie 360, definitely worth a visit.

Who would have thought take away chicken could be so fancy – never thought I’d be writing about a boutique style chicken take
away spot. *grin*


Café Mozart

This was my absolute favourite – owned by the same guys as Madame Zingara, it’s got all kinds of quirky little nooks and crannies that make it unique, enchanting and unforgettable. I think I know where I’ll be having my birthday this year 🙂 !

Besides the amazing décor and attention to detail there was an incredible lunch time buffet, which was extremely reasonable, so very much to my liking!

Definitely  worth the hassle of parking in Long street – with its European inspiration here and there and the little outside courtyard you feel whisked amidst the centre of the city.

Tres manufique!




Café Milano

Lastly I headed up towards Kloof Street where tucked away at the very top of the infamous street is a beautiful patisserie e café.

With a variety of exquisite  pastries and cakes to choose from it took a lot of will power to just have a squizz and walk away..

I’ll be back though 🙂





And so concludes my luxury café tour..  these are definitely the new cool kids on the block so check them out when you get a chance.

Each one is unique and intimate , something I love in a restaurant or café. My worst is mass produced places where you’re just another number. So take my word for it and pop in for a bite, or just come to my birthday party (and bring a cool gift). I’m 99.9% sure one of these will be the venue 🙂





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