Long live the trefoil

As fate would have it after writing yesterday that I have yet to see my favourite vegetable, the butternut, used in cakes and sweet
treats – low an behold at the Adidas store launch party last night what did we get offered – butternut cheesecake! Can you think of anything more delicious, two of my favourite things combined.. cheesecake (yum) and butternut (double  yum!)

Besides fulfilling my love for all things butternut the store launch was AWSOME!

I have to just say I love Adidas, I’ve never been a massive sportswear fan but as a brand I think they’re really cool and their stuff,
although still has a sporty edge, is super cool and trendy and converts well into streetwear.

For those of you who don’t know the little Adidas emblem is more affectionately known as the Adidas trefoil. I was sitting in a meeting a while back they kept talking about a ‘trefoil’. I had no idea what they were talking about – eventually I asked. They laughed and explained. Since then I’ve been a big fan! So now you know what it’s actually called too 🙂

Long live the trefoil I say!

What made the party super cool was that everything was 45% less. you everything!

Needless to say I couldn’t help myself.. I got two hoodies at for a steal and Jame got an awesome pair of Adi sneakers (which he’s had his eye on for ages – to be honest think he’s got an obsession with shoes) for an absolute bargain!

I’m wearing my new Adi hoodie right now.  nice.

So a good evening all in all.

Tonight looks like we might be heading to local watering hole tiger tiger.. hmm must say am pretty over it but it’s a Pilates friends end of exams celebration so will pull through for a razzel..

Was planning to run along the promenade with my overly super fit boss this afternoon  who  does ironman – insane I know. She’s competed
the last 2 years now. Shame she doesn’t do that well. she only comes third.

Yes THIRD! can you believe it – she’s really amazing, I’d never be able to do that. I’d die. literally!

Anyway she’s been encouraging me to run along the promenade for ages so we pinned this afternoon down but now the heavens have opened… must be a sign.


Anyway that’s all for now folks



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