Posted in July 2011

harry potter – a tribute

Since Standard 3 Harry Potter has been apart of my life. I was first introduced to the word of wizardry when my standard 3 teacher decided to read us the first book as part of our English lesson. I immediately fell in love with the world of witchcraft and wizardry, spells and curses and where … Continue reading

the 411

Thursday already – where has this week disappeared to? Well can’t say I’m all that sad that its gone buy so quickly. Very depressing in the office at the moment as most of the usual faces are off jet setting – our MD is getting married this weekend in London (shame) and so, all the … Continue reading

happy birthday post!

A very big happy birthday to my love Jamie. 28 today! can’t believe it! Started to feel pretty old… We celebrated this weekend and wow, what a jam packed one it was! Friday night: drews > forries > oblivion> engen> home I felt so bad for Jame as he had to work on Saturday, sure … Continue reading

hop skip and jump to it.

I feel like I have been run over by a truck! shjo. warrior work out today was intense.   Feeling good though and ready for Pilates this evening! Today’s session was based around  ‘never stop moving’.  I know! We all had to partner up and while one partner did the exercise the other had to … Continue reading

friday wrap up.

Mint tea is something I discovered in London and fell in love with it. I think its quiet odd that no one does it here considering it’s so easy to make. Literally mint leaves with hot water, and voila! I think a nice variation would be to add some fresh ginger to give it a … Continue reading

for the love of dance..

Something else worth mentioned on under5foot… Jamie and I were fortunate enough to be given tickets (well I won them , courtesy of Cape Town Magazine) for the International Ballet Gala that took place at grand West earlier this week. What a treat. I must say I really miss the ballet world… When I was younger … Continue reading