for the love of dance..

Something else worth mentioned on under5foot…

Jamie and I were fortunate enough to be given tickets (well I won them , courtesy of Cape Town Magazine) for the International Ballet Gala
that took place at grand West earlier this week.

What a treat. I must say I really miss the ballet world…

When I was younger is used to dance at the CT Ballet School and often did performances with the company.

That’s what I remember most from my childhood – performing on stage, preceded by millions rehearsals!

To me it’s where I grew up…

I remember so many mornings, afternoons, evenings spent backstage or in the studio rehearsing, or waiting to rehearse. I always found it so glamorous and alluring.. A world I really miss.

I loved doing shows, and being little I often got given quite cool roles as I was more advanced that the younger girls but still looked
cute and tiny 🙂


As I got older ballet became ‘uncool’ and I moved onto modern and hip hop but took it up again later on in high school.

As I’ve gotten older I really miss it.


Going to the ballet is also a fond memory of my youth; we always used to go around Christmas time when the international ballet companies used
to come out here to do the holiday classics – The Nutcracker and Swan Lake being
the most popular.


I danced in a number of ballets during my time at the ballet school…

A Christmas carol, The nutcracker ( a few times), Copellia, Cinderella, Oepheuns in the underworld, productions the ballet school put on one or twice a year featuring all the students – one in particular was called ‘A Magical Journey’ where I had a principle role as ‘the blue bird of happiness’ and  got to rehearse with all the principles – the ‘big girls’.  It was a very big deal for me at the time.


So ballet holds a very special place in my heart and is something I really love and miss…

So when I won tickets to the international ballet gala I was super excited!


I was also astonished to find out that Jamie had never been to the ballet before… so it was his first time this week!

I think it was great for him, kind of a ‘best of best’ so to speak  as the gala was essentially a showcase of all the famous ballets and their most appraised pieces.

The cast was made up of international dancers from all over the world – and were absolutely fantastic!

It’s a pity there was only one performance as it was definitely worth seeing.

I‘m such a show person though – I love the theatre, probably because it always brings back my memories of being on stage.

When I was in Berlin I went to the ballet there which was fabulous and the theatre was exquisite!


Then when I was in London earlier this year I made a point of going to one of the shows (We Will Rock you) which was absolute amazing!

Every so often Jamie and I go to a show or performance of some kind though – often due to my inspiration 🙂

Earlier this year we went to a really good production at ‘On Broadway’ which was cabaret  style, The Russion All Male Ballet’s impression of Swan Lake, Madame Zingara (also cabaret style – dinner and a show) and Grease at the Nico Malan (I still prefer to say the Nico than Artscape!) all of which he really loved – so we need to start doing this sort of thing more..

I’m definitely going to make sure I go to the ballet at Christmas this year – need to keep the love and the tradition alive, and hopefully Jamie and I will make it’s a new tradition of our own.


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