friday wrap up.

Mint tea is something I discovered in London and fell in love with it.

I think its quiet odd that no one does it here considering it’s so easy to make.

Literally mint leaves with hot water, and voila! I think a nice variation would be to add some fresh ginger
to give it a little zing 🙂

This week has been full of new product developments though – we spend the last few days baking, tasting and scrutinising some very cool new
products so keep an eye out for some amazing new editions coming soon!

On the food front I just have to day you gotta love groupon! I just bought a voucher – R29 for a pasta, drink and scoop of Italian gelato
from San Marco’s in the waterfront! How amazing is that! Its normally R29 for the scoop of gelato on its own *grin*

Another things I’m UBER SUPER INCREDIBLY excited about is the FINAL HARRY POTTER MOVIE coming out next week!



Coooome oooon! Even the pictures look super cool!

And whoever composed the music is a genius – gives me tingles every time! The movie looks insane!!!

Yes I’m a nerd. I’m that person who books ages in advance and rocks up to the premier in Full Harry Potter mode. Googles it before the launch and re-reads the book before seeing the emovie so as not to miss any details. Not as bad as my friend Wends though who actually dressed up as a which one year (not that long ago actually!)..

Jamie is also quiet a big HP fan (thanks to my influence I think, but I doubt he’ll admit it). We ‘youtubed’ the trailer the other day and must have watched it about 4 times. There are also a few variations of the trailer.. yes I know this because we watched them all.

I’m so sad the books (and now movies) are finished.. I’m a die hard HP fan through and through.

HP Fan. And Proud!


But that’s only happening next week, so keen to see transformers tonight (not as cool as HP though)  in “3D baby” as Jamie would say. It’s very cute he’s like a little kid in 3d movies, he gets really excited, and I think he secretly likes wearing the glasses hehe 🙂

Weather looks good so I think a run is on the cards.. I have been in so much pain this week – warrior workouts at 360 training were super intense
on Monday, following by an equally intense Pilates class so needless to say on Tuesday I could hardly move.. but worked through it at 360 yesterday which helped ease some of the tension..

Right, the next few hours need to fly by so we can get the weekend off to rocking start!

ciao xx


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