hop skip and jump to it.

I feel like I have been run over by a truck!

shjo. warrior work out today was intense.


Feeling good though and ready for Pilates this evening!

Today’s session was based around  ‘never stop moving’.  I know!

We all had to partner up and while one partner did the exercise the other had to skip until the partner was finished the exercise.


I felt like the re-tard in the class , being the only one who can’t skip. sounds stupid I know but I never skipped when I was little so this was a whole new experience for me today.. Besides looking like a freak tripping over my skipping rope,  it was super exhausting!


But all good, all good. I am definitely stronger than I used to be and more confidant in my work outs.

Did an awesome run on Saturday where I ran along the river in Newlands, past Josephine’s mill, all the way to Kelvin, did a little session there then back past vida for a coffee and back home…

Being the stunning day that it was Jamie and I headed down to Sea point for a walk along the promenade.

I find it so funny watching all the people walking and running a long there. It was like puppy day care on Saturday though – it seemed like ever second person there has a fury friend accompanying them. I want a puppy.


Some besties came over for dinner, I made a roast chicken and veggies and the girls brought salad and dessert. It was such a fun evening and so out of the blue – those are always the best nights..


Some exciting news I just got in my inbox – I entered a competition on STA Travel to win a years’ worth of travel worth R200 000.

I just got notified that I have been put through to the second round! woop woop.

So I have submitted all my info and hopefully I get chosen for round 3!

Out of all the competitions vie ever entered this is the one I want to win the most.

It would be utterly LIFE CHANGING so everything is crossed for this one!

Will keep you posted. and will be pleading for all your votes if I get put through!



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