happy birthday post!

A very big happy birthday to my love Jamie. 28 today! can’t believe it! Started to feel pretty old…

We celebrated this weekend and wow, what a jam packed one it was!

Friday night:

drews > forries > oblivion> engen> home

I felt so bad for Jame as he had to work on Saturday, sure he wasn’t feeling all the great but he pushed through.

While he was at work I went to the tokai market with the Lovely Miss Tess and  Mr Ryan.. was such a beautiful morning and let me say – such a cool market. way less pretentious than the old biscuit mill.

Definitely something to keep in mind for a chilled Saturday morning..

They brought their child, Jack along to the market and he
was sporting his cute little springbok jersey.

jacks a Jack Russell by the way 🙂

I had my first ever ‘moer coffee’ the traditional South African
was of making coffee I’m told.

It has such an interesting flavour – quite earthy is that’s

Jame was still at work by the time we left so as not to
waste the beautiful weather Wendy and I took quite a long walk along the
promenade.. we talked from the mouille point light house to the seapoint pool,
pack to the lighthouse and the other way to the Radisson and back. not too
shabby for a casual Saturday work out 🙂

Jame finally finished work and we sent to our newly acquired favourite spot – Hudsons for a fabulous birthday lunch.

We’ve become a little addicted to that place, but for good reason. the food is really good and it’s not overpriced which is great and the vibe is pretty awesome.

I already know what I’m going to order before I even sit down – the howling wolf salad – which let me just add is amazing! Jame has been trying all the different burgers, a different one every time. On Saturday he had the chef’s special of the day – their version of a BLT with a spicy ketchup  – delish!

We then went to Rascals for the rugby (can’t say I’m a fan of the place but it was the boys’ call), followed by the sharks supporters club, the home bar and the boys went onto oblivion. by the time we got to home bar I was finished so left the boys to continue the birthday festivities.. i think i coped pretty well on what was essentially an all boys night out.. only on his birthday!

Then yesterday we went to the Bastille day festival in Franschoek. Again it was such a beautiful day and the town was alive with a really cool buzz. We only stayed a few hours as we then met Jame’s dad for a really nice lunch..



We then went home to a couch that was calling 🙂

I gave Jamie his birthday present on Sunday night as I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.

I’ve been so excited to give him his present and he absolutely loved it. what did I get him? A  Nixon rubber player watch – it’s so divine, not sure who’s more excited about it, me or him.

Then tonight we’re off to his mom for dinner.

Gotta love birthdays – even better when they’re drawn out
over so many days!

So happy birthday big guy, love you!


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