the 411

Thursday already – where has this week disappeared to?

Well can’t say I’m all that sad that its gone buy so quickly.

Very depressing in the office at the moment as most of the usual faces are off jet setting – our MD is getting married this weekend in London
(shame) and so, all the other guys have gone over for the wedding.

My boss was also in London but not for the wedding, and is now in France. tough life.

So poor lil old me is all lonesome in my department holding the fort. still quite a lot on the go but very quiet in the office.

In my free time I’m trying desperately to win a holiday.. so holding thumbs. even if it’s just a weekend away – I won’t be picky so lady  luck, please be kind.

I think Jamie had a successful birthday though – the festivities were concluded with dinner at his moms on Monday night which was pretty nice. Last night was my friend Carrie’s birthday so we went to Sinns at Wembley for drinks. Also very cool. She was super spoilt, her man bought her a Nikon camera to show how much he loved her.. so amazing! she deserves it though so am so happy she got so spoilt.

training is back on track as well with a few extra 1 on 1 360 training sessions this week and last week.

my trainer laughs at me I think as I often want to focus on ‘strange area’s’ – like you know that little fatty bt between your arm and your chest – I
hate that so yesterday I told him we need to work on that. he just laughed. I think all girls have certain spots they wish they could get rid of.

It actually came up at Pilates yesterday as well and we took turns naming the areas we dislike – funny. my teacher has an issue with that little
but just above your hip / lower back.. like where do those little pockets of unwanted fat and skin come from? seriously. Anyway – am training hard so hopefully will banish the arm-chest-fatty bit soon!

Changing the subject; I love having friends with benefits.

On Tuesday I was in for a real treat, my masseuse friend Lisa offered to give me a massage in exchange for some coffee. of course is said yes!

I was treated to an hour long 4-handed massage.

yip FOUR hands.


It was incredible.

I’ve never had a full body massage like that – I was in heaven.

Her partner gave me a leg and foot massage while she focused on my neck, back and shoulders.


I have never been able to understand people who don’t like massages.

I would have a massage very day if I could! I’m also loving all these groupon massage deals – last week I got one as well as a manicure for
just over R100 – not bad I think.


That’s it for now. stay tuned.


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