Bec’s first hike!

In celebration of her birthday yesterday Shelz arranged a group hike up lions head. let me start by saying that getting out of bed
yesterday morning was a challenge in itself, but well worth it!

After clinging onto the last few seconds in my warm bed, Jame and I (along with the other members of the crew) braved the ice cold
weather and prepared the trek up the fond mountain.

Some peeps bailed after a bit of a big night – faders but we were there in full force. Oh yes, let me just mention part of the crew included
Rebecca..  Shelz and Eligh’s 3 month old daughter..

Yip little Becs was strapped into her dads kangaroo pouch and made what I believe is her first of many hikes up lions head. talk about
starting them early! I couldn’t believe how good she was, she didn’t make a peep, some of us oldies complained more than she did!


while resting at the top, Shelz couldn’t resist the ‘Lion King’ pose 🙂  too funny!

Some of the comments the other hikers made as they passed dad and baby on the mountain trail was pretty hysterical. nice work Eligh!

Followed by breakfast at Arnolds in Kloof street, it was a fab way to spend a Sunday morning if you ask me, look forward to many more hikes with the Bolle clan 🙂





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