ja hay like kiff bru – DURBAN.

Last week I made my first trip to KZN, umhlanga rocks durbs to be more specific.

Having never been to the land of the sharks I was pretty impressed.

Firstly the weather was heavenly – tanning in winter what a bonus!

Ok the city centre is still a bit dodge but the part where I was (umhlanga,. Durban north I think) was really nice.


The reason for my visit was for the opening of the new vida store at The Square.

It went off with a bang – the major of Durban opened with a few words, followed by all the dignitaries, 5-star hotel snacks, a band,
singer, fireworks – gees!


I also managed to squeeze in a run or two along the promenade – so beautiful and so relaxing!

I was taken to the Oyster box, which I have to say was one of the main highlights. On par with the Mount Nelson, I could totally set up
shop there.

Everything is just exquisite. The colonial theme carried through everything. The high tea looked amazing, the service was superb, wine incredible, snacks delish and the view mind blowing! One day I’ll book a stay there 🙂



Where I was staying was also fabulous let me just add. The franchisee of the new store owns The Square itself as well as the new hotel a
stone throw away from the store – ideal!


With a rooftop pool, deck, bar, gym and sauna I was in complete bliss.

yip – living the highlife bru.


Durbanights are also super welcoming – I was invited out for dnner, even a birthday doo of a girl I hadn’t met till that evening.

Over dinner we did banter about the difference in speak of capetonians vs durbanights. quite funny table talk let me add.


I did get some work done too just in case you were wondering 🙂

So that’s why under5foot has been fairly quiet, but will get back on track soon.

Cheers china’s


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