brands showing us how social media is done

Amazing use of social media.

I stumbled across the following article which shows the case study run my Bing! (one of Google’s biggest competitors) where it shoes how
multifaceted touch-points can be used to tell a story. your story, any story, but in this case Jay-Z’s story.

Not that I’m a huge Jay-Z fan, but this campaign is mind blowing.

watch the video




The idea behind the campaign was to launch Jay Z’s new book/biography where we used various touch points to resonate and interact with
consumers in an honest and relevant way.


Pages of the book where strategically placed to tell his story. All linked via web and mobile to allow for a fully integrated online experience, in addition to the real life ATL touch points.


I must say – this is one of the best, most integrated and strategically thought out campaigns I’ve come across!

Absolutely brilliant!


Another fabulous example of how brands are using social media, well, is the latest Adidas campaign.

Being a complex and multifaceted brand there are a number of different ways they have done this.


Using facebook as a platform to prelaunch  their latest ads and inviting fans to interact and engage with the brand to unlock the brand’ is one great way they’re using social media, but what really got my attention was the  adidas Originals city vs. city campaign.

“Sidewalk meets catwalk, vintage mixes with trendy, sporty gets a glam-over.Stylists from 9 fashion forward cities compete in one-on-one battles to represent their turf. You vote on who styled it best at”


adidas Originals got designers from cities all over the world to compete in a head on style challenge. From a consumer perspective I think it’s so great to see the different perceptions of the brand and unique sense of style from people all
over the world.

It’s my belief that the brand is rising to new levels. The new ATL – Adidas all in – campaign is a real breakthrough. Bringing together various aspects of the brand that were always seen to be completely separate.

Meshing together the sports oriented performance side of the brand, to meet the stylish, 70’s inspired quirky and cool Adidas originals side is inspirational.

It shows, and makes relevant, to consumers how style and sports can be interlinked into their everyday life. It’s no longer a sport, or
a hobby. it’s a lifestyle.

The campaign shows how street wear and lifestyle fashion integrate with sports – and does so brilliantly. The infamous Trefoil logo has become
part of my people’s, mine included, daily lives, and loves.

Just two examples of what I believe to be really great campaigns, using social media brilliantly!

Expect other brands to follow suit.


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