It’s been a long Sepetmber

After a month sabbatical from writing on under5foot  I thought in the spirit of Friday my poor blog deserves some attention.

A lots been happening this past month, my birthday being a highlight.

I was extremely spoil, to say the least and it was truly one of the best days ever!

Running has also become a daily routine – did my first 10km’s last week, very proud of myself, and since then have been keeping up
between 5km – 7km on average per run.

Thank goodness summer seems to be on its way because I’m sick to death of the cold.

Can’t wait for hot summer days lying on the beach to arrive – and warm weather so I can wear my awesome jumpsuit (Lauren and Carrie you
know what I’m talking about 🙂 )

On that note – opinions of jumpsuits?

Initially very opposed to them. Now they seem to be growing
on me, well I own one, bu the whole trend is taking off.


Speaking of Facebook – not sure I’m a fan of the introduction of FB subscriptions, not too keen on the whole world being able to watch and
monitor everything I look at or read on the interweb to be honest..

And Facebook timelines? Great edition I think but scary to think that ie n day our children lives will be documents vida Facebook !

Yesterday was Rosh Hashanah and with a name like Bernstein I probably should have known that – but I forgot – anyway thanks to FB I was able to wish fellow Jewish folk a happy new year, and for a strange reason for  the first time ever felt slightly connected to the distant holiday..

I’ve also been reading a very interesting book called Life of Pi.

I think it encapsulates one of my worst nightmares – being shipwrecked, alone in the pacific, with a tiger.

To understand what I’m talking about – read it!  🙂

I was confronted by another, very real,  fear last night, which I am proud to say I overcame.

What was it you ask? The worst fear of fears. my hairs prick up on the back of my neck at the mere thought.


And it was on my bedroom floor.

I am extremely surprised my neighbours didn’t come rushing
in as I screamed a blood-curdling scream. never the less, after freezing for a minute, post scream, I managed to put a plan into action.

1. Source container to trap it in.

2. Suck up all my courage and slam container over

**let me just mention that this part was fairly successful but the cup I used clamped down at the point where the head attaches to the gruesome
body (do you refer to that as a neck? do cockroaches have necks? I don’t know. anyway..)
so the head continued twisting and twitching trying to escape. GROSS!

3. Source additional material to remove and dispose
of beast.

Here half a box of tissue came into play and I successfully
managed to squash, and dispose of the creature.

All the time thought of those disgusting eggs being spewed
all over my carpet.

4. Disinfect and scrub infected area to remove all
possibility of eggs.

Phew. Shjo and OMG.

Thank goodness that’s over. and that it’s Friday.

It’s been a long Sepetmber, bring on October.


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