adele – bad idea. twlight – good idea.

seriously. hate. adele. that’s my freedom of speech.

OMG. having it blared in the office day in day out has caused me to resent her in any shape or form. I mean seriously – she just screams – is that considered music these days? she’s winey and annoying.. me no likey.

it’s actually preventing me from thinking straight. I now have an intense migraine. I wish I could go rip the plug out of the computer that refuses to stop subjecting me to this pain!

considering today is black Tuesday I feel that I deserve to express these feelings, or non-feelings, for this particular individual and her so called “music”.

but on a happier note I do need to admit that I am besotted with twilight so those of who share my sentiments about Adele will probably shun me for that… not much I can do really. sorry.

Edward is gorgeous, the story is enthralling and the movie was mind blowing. yes I was one of the 3.somthing million South African’s who went to see it in opening week.

for those of you twilight fans , like me, who just can’t get enough here’s the trailer:



OMG finally the suffering has stopped. finally the office is no longer consumed by the futile droning sounds of someone like you.

wow. thanks goodness that’s over. now I just wish breaking dawn part 2 would come out!


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