Posted in December 2011

would you shop like this?

check out this awesome innovation Tesco’s implemented in South Korea using QR codes. such a simple idea – it’s always those sneaky simple ones that crack it! can anyone say facebook? Essentially their concept was to use life size banners that display supermarket brands with QR codes . those of you squinting your eyes in … Continue reading

things i heart

under5foot: the great thing about under5foot is that it’s MY blog, and my space and as such I can write, or say, whatever I like to be honest. my options might be subjective, but isn’t that what a blog is?   blog /blôg Noun: A Web site on which an individual or group of users … Continue reading

carols by candlelight

The Christmas festivities are in full swing –  last night  we enjoyed carols by candle light at Kirstenbosch and I must say, wow, now it really feels like Christmas.. There was a bit of a scare when it started to drizzle as the newlands rain clouds ,which ever looming, raised their ugly head. We fortunately we … Continue reading

something to tickle your funny bone

As it’s ‘Fake Friday’ (#FF – ha ha) tomorrow being a holiday and all I am in no mood what-so-ever for anything remotely serious. So – as such – I decided to share some of (what I deem to be) the funniest clips, which I can assure, will have you in hysterics! Eddie Izzard – … Continue reading

Twas the night of Ridley Christmas

Twas the night of Ridley Christmas, and gathered around A group of friends, family and loved ones to which Christmas holds sound Laughter and jokes of good humour filled the air Some jokes XX rated, not suitable to share     With a clink of glasses and a salute in the eye Began a grand … Continue reading

girl on a mission and a Ridley Christmas

It’s been raining cats and dogs! (not literally for those of the weak sense of humour – Dad that’s you) Cape town weather is known for its unpredictability – and today is no exception. What was supposed to be a lovely hot summer December day has turned into a gloomy rainy one which could be … Continue reading


woop woop very excited – although I am probably counting my chickens before they hatch but.. awesome news! I got selected as one of the 10 finalists for Team Triaction, sponsored by Triumph and Embark. Essentially TEAM TRIACTION is looking for ladies who have always wanted to run a marathon, but just didn’t think they … Continue reading

twit for twat #ff

after being attacked by a horrible wave of hay fever yesterday I’m extremely thankful it’s the weekend. these last few hours could not be going by any slower – Friday afternoons in the office are really a killer – at least it’s Adele free..  at the moment. hmph. but on the up side at least … Continue reading