on the first day of christmas…

And so begins the Silly Season

I cannot believe the 1 December is here already – gees where did this year go?

Not to say that I’m sad to see the end of it – has been a tough year but challenging which is good I guess.

I just need to put it out there.. I LOVE Christmas!

I’ve got my tree up, Christmas shopping sorted (yes I’m a keen bean) and ready to let the festivities begin.

Bring on the carols, Boney M and all the Christmas madness!

Let me also just add that I think the Woza December is such a great summer song and can’t wait to having it pumping as we descend to Clifton second. That amongst other Christmas carols…

On the first day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
A partridge in a pear tree…

I seriously hope I don’t get a partridge, or any other kind of fowl, but there are a few things I would love..

I’ve put together a little wish list … for anyone wanting to fill up my Christmas stocking..  but I really just wanted to share my love for some of the new trends styling this season.


A new purse – Nine West, Country Road, Studio W – you are calling my name

Cath Kidston you’re not too shabby either.


Wedges! Loving the trend – still undecided as to whether they suit me but love them all the same

Havaianas – so practical for beach days

Scarfs are all the rage right now – they are such a simple accessory that can jazz up the simplest outfit!

Jumpsuits – another trend I absolulty adore

Sweet treats – I’ll never say no…

Well if you insist! 😉

Anything with hearts.  I heart hearts.

Or a puppy – just saying!

I miss my princess Gigi so much and am dying for a little one of my own. But pretty impractical right now – so maybe hold off on the puppy. Jamie might kill you. Especially considering I killed our cactus. Think I might do better with a warm blooded creature.. hmmm


**aherm** quoted from Despicable Me

Happy holidays everyone – excited to get the silly summer season underway!



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