It’s the weeeeekeeeeend… BABY!


It’s the weeeeekeeeeend… BABY!

To get the weekend off to a good start check out the Nando’s ad that was recently banned – gotta love youtube!

The Nando’s ad guys always manage to come up with a cracker of an ad – this one just reinforces the brand’s quirky, envelope pushing, street cred. love it!

In other news yesterday I read that Blackberry (RIM) has developed software to support iphone and Android – some see this as Blackberry admitting defeat to its rivals. Personally I think it’s a bold step, which will stand them in good stead with consumers as it just makes Blackberry devices that more accessible. Good Idea > I think so!

So far todays hasn’t been all that bad – we opened a new store in hout bay so I spent the morning walking along the beach handing out free café cards. It was pretty relaxing and peaceful – watching people walk their dogs, go for runs, or just meander along the sand – made me thankful for being away from my desk and able to bask in ambiance of the republic of hout bay.

Yes – the republic of hout bay.

People who live in hout bay are very protective over their little town and they will always tell you that “it’s not that far away, its just 20 minutes’ drive”. Sure. God forbid you get stuck behind the formidable truck that, never fear, is always making its way at 30km/h up Constantia neck.

But I must admit I do like Hout Bay – aside from the squatter camps – but in general it’s a very chilled and pretty of Cape Town, but you would have to pay me a lot of money to move there. Let’s be honest –  it’s really a shlep. 20 minutes my ass – that’s just the republicans ploy to get you there.

Besides, that road is so windey, narrow and filled with trucks and hout bay momma’s in BMW X5’s  built for off road safari’s that I get quite panicky  every time I make the trip to the republic.

But alas I am now back in my box. at the office. good thing its Friday and not that long to go.

I’m really looking forward to tonight –  very exciting – it’s Tess and Ryan’s engagement party and I’m honoured to be one of the bridesmaids! My first time ever – the last time I was in a wedding I was not yet half a foot and dressed in puffy white chiffon with flowers cascading down my small head. For those of you who didn’t get where I was going with that – I was about 4.

So very excited. Hopefully this time it will be sans the puffiness and cascading flowers.

Then Jamie’s running in the infamous speedo run happening on Saturday.. it’s called ‘bear to care’. a great imitative.

the guys all don their red speedos and stop traffic and they run along seapoint/ camps bay promenade all in attempt to raise money for charity. good on ya boys!

Exciting stuff girls – if you’re in for a bit of a ogle at sexy men pop down to Camps Bay sports club after 3pm on Saturday 🙂

Anyway that’s it for now – check ya on the flip side




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