green is good.

I love brands who take a stance on being environmental friendly and focus on sustainability.

Woolies is  great example of a brand that is taking this to new lengths.

Have a look at the video woolies recently put together about their Palmyra store – the greenest store yet

I’m an avid recycler, I also try and save as much energy as possible as I feel really strongly about everyone doing their bit for the environment. I do admit that I slip up sometimes but in general I am quite conscious of trying to conserve as much of our precious resource as possible.

What really irks me are over packaged products. For instance when you buy a box of biscuits and inside the box is a plastic container, with a clear plastic covering over it and each biscuit is individually wrapped in foil. I mean seriously. I that all really necessary.

As consumers I think we should be boycotting brand who over package their products to try and increase the perceived value of their shitty products.

I also shun everyone who doesn’t recycle. yes it’s a bit of a luss. but do you really want to live in a wasteland one day?

I do wish that the council, municipality, government – whoever – would make recycling easier, because fact of the matter is people are lazy. if it was easier, and more accessible I guarantee you more people would make an effort to recycle.

*penny dropping* maybe this is the ‘big idea’ I’ve been waiting for – any businesses or individuals out there wanting to invest in my new business venture of starting up an accessible recycling service give me a call! Woolies – this would be a great addition to your already awesome stand point on sustainability *grin*

So – if the world does end in 2012 its really all our fault, and has nothing to do with the Mayans.

switch off your lights. recycle. go to woolies Palmyra and support their sustainability project. DO IT!


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