celebrating 60 years.. happy birthday mom!

I can’t believe my mom turned 60 today!

Happy Birthday Mom – such an amazing milestone.

We went round for birthday dinner last night and I made cupcakes using anew recipe – I was oh so chuffed as my mom was convinced I’d bought the cupcakes! yes I’m that good 🙂

Its crazy to think how different things were 60 years ago…


What’s even scarier is to think of what things will be like in another 60 years.

During my morning web-trolling I came across this clip of what Samsung shows a conceptual tablet.  The video depicts a see-through device made entirely of a flexible, AMOLED touch screen is used to take photos, watch videos, read news, play 3D games and translate speech from one language to another – mind boggling to think that this type of technology is highly probable  in the next decade, if not sooner!

Many of us Gen-Yers will recall watching the Jetsons back in the day and thinking how far out the concept was – well looking at what Samsung, and other brands most likely, seem to have in mind, the future doesn’t seem too far off that of George Jetsons. If the world doesn’t end next year of course, and if we don’t kill the planet before we’re able to reach that point.

I do think we’re living in very exciting time though – if one considering the technological advances that have happened over the past decade its incredible to think how far we’ve come from that first computer. the explosion of social media has changed the way we communicate, the job landscape as well as how we do business. forever!

Crazy to think that now a small hand held device has more capability that a computer back in the 50’s/60’s that took up an entire room!

On that note I am seriously thinking about getting an ipad. I never really understood their functionality and why people were so besotted with them, but I have recently changed my tune. I’ve realised how totally awesome they are and frankly I just really want one J that’s as good as reason as any surely? No, well seriously, for work I think it would make a lot of sense – that’s my rational for forking out so much cash anyway so I’m sticking to it *grin*

But technology aside –  Happy Birthday Mom – here’s to the next 60 (god help us.. hehe just kidding!)



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