woop woop

very excited – although I am probably counting my chickens before they hatch but.. awesome news!
I got selected as one of the 10 finalists for Team Triaction, sponsored by Triumph and Embark.

Essentially TEAM TRIACTION is looking for ladies who have always wanted to run a marathon, but just didn’t think they could do it.

Um, ja that would be me!

If selected I’ll have to embark (hehe excuse the pun) on a vigorous training program (3 times a week), compete in the 2 Oceans and Knysna marathons next year as a part of Team Triaction…
Part of the package, along with the 3 professional training sessions per week include

• 1 SPARQ assessment Package
• Entry into the 2012 Two Oceans half marathon
• Entry into the 2012 Full Knysna marathon
• Team Triaction gear (Running Shoes, Triaction Intimate Wear, Running Clothes, etc)


Getting pretty nervous thinking about this to be honest – never done more that 10km in my life –but hey – it will be a challenge!
And extremely rewarding if I’m able to do it. I never really thought myself a marathon runner – suppose the only thing constant in life is change…

better get those running shoes on



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