girl on a mission and a Ridley Christmas

It’s been raining cats and dogs! (not literally for those of the weak sense of humour – Dad that’s you)

Cape town weather is known for its unpredictability – and today is no exception.

What was supposed to be a lovely hot summer December day has turned into a gloomy rainy one which could be mistaken for  mid-winter.


Global warming. I tell you it’s a bitch.

recycle. switch off your lights.


Ok but moving on.

So this evening is set to be an extremely busy (and exciting) one!


First I have the assessment with Team Triaction – which might I add I am getting super nervous for!

Jamie, like many people, is a firm believer that one can achieve anything that one puts ones mind to.

I agree with this, however having a marathon laid out in front of me – like a carrot in front of a horse – is quite a big carrot that seems pretty unreachable at the moment, but never say never right. fight or flight. sink or swim.


So then after Team Triaction – assuming I’m not drenched – I’m racing off to a very exciting Ridley Christmas dinner!


My bestest friend, and self-proclaimed sister, is having her (our?) annual family Christmas dinner tonight. My other self-proclaimed sister, Robs and adopted momma pookie, Pat,  along with our relevant others will gather around the sacred Ridley tree and sing carols and hang decorations. no not really. we’ll eat a delicious dinner and probably get a little boozed. but there will be the ceremonial hanging the Christmas decorations on the tree… Robs wouldn’t have it any other way  🙂

I need to just clarify that this picture is of last year’s tree and that I was not permitted a picture of the current 2011 tree as it’s not finished – the angel hasn’t been mounted on top (this is Robs’ ceremonial duty) and will only take place tonight. so the current state of the Ridley tree is unfinished and hence not allowed to be seen in public. thanks Sammy.

In the Ridley family I’m known as meggy, smeggy, smeg, shmoo, pookie, model meg (don’t ask) or ‘the other child’. I get confused myself to be honest. They really are like my second family – and I must add I am so grateful to have the Ridley’s in my life!

So tonight is ‘Ridley Christmas’ and I’m super excited! yayness.

I’m the veggie queen and so I have platters of roasted veg ready to go taking up our entire fridge as we speak.

So lots on the go – also trying to fit in my day job in-between all the excitement merriment.

I suppose it does get you in the mood having Christmas tunes playing the whole afternoon in the office – although it would be a lot more pleasant if the volume was just a few decimals lower so that I could still hear the voices inside my head.

On that note this is the pookie aka smeggy, aka shmoo aka that really short chick signing off.

adieus. and Merry Christmas to all…  hehe. lol.



Just as a side note – have you ever actually heard people SAY the word (or acronym to be correct) lol?

I have and its super lame. admittedly I do tend to throw the term in there from time to time, but honestly I am never actually laughing out loud, or in complete hysterics. the voices inside my head are, but me, myself, am just displaying the slight resemblance of a crooked smile. so it’s fabrication, nay poetic licence.


just for the record.


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