carols by candlelight

The Christmas festivities are in full swing –  last night  we enjoyed carols by candle light at Kirstenbosch and I must say, wow, now it really feels like Christmas..

There was a bit of a scare when it started to drizzle as the newlands rain clouds ,which ever looming, raised their ugly head.

We fortunately we managed to stick it out till the end.. what a trooper I felt like!

It was my first carols by candle light and it was really so magical.

What made it so special is the fact that I was there with such amazing peeps – Tess, Ryan, Lauren, Damon and especially Holtzy..

Jame was pretty bleek as he managed to set his paper bag on fire before we’d gotten to the second carol, so Ryan, using is super astonishing brain power, managed to fashion him a makeshift candle holder from the remaining french loaf packet. nice one.

Big ups to Pick ‘n Pay – they really did a fantastic job sponsoring the event. Very slick and professional! Nice work guys 🙂

Something new I noticed, which I’ve never seen at any Kirstenbosch converts before, was the little PnP stand selling coffee, tea, biscuits and other goodies.. as well as their token promo guys signing people up for smart shopper cards. I wonder if you could swipe your smart shopper card at the stand.. hmm – that would have been a good brand move!

The queue for was insanely long, so I didn’t get a chance to check out if smart shopper cards were in action, but they really did a great job capitalising on a captive audience

fresh ideas!

I was also really impressed at the ticket sales that were managed through PnP.

It was super simple, easy, efficient and hassle free. now that’s want you want from a brand!

The highlight of the evening was the last carol – silent night, which, yes Tess, IS a carol, not just a catholic hymn hehe – where we did the infamous Kirstenbosch wave.. truly spectacular to see the whole of the lawn aglow with candle light.

Tess and I made a special pact that we would make carols by candlelight an annual tradition, starting from now. well yesterday. so one day when we’re old and grey we’ll still be able to share in the magic! here’s to a good few years babe 🙂

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