things i heart

under5foot: the great thing about under5foot is that it’s MY blog, and my space and as such I can write, or say, whatever I like to be honest. my options might be subjective, but isn’t that what a blog is?


blog /blôg

Noun: A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.


so that’s what I do. I blog. express options, inights, stuff I like, stuff I don’t like, as well as some of the arbitraries of everyday life.

I really enjoy blogging, and am so stoked that under5foot seems to be growing and generating a following.. not to boast or anything!

The other day I was chatting to a girl and she said ‘oh – do you blog’ as she’d googled “Team Triaction” and my blog had come up.

Considering that I don’t have a lot of recent pictures of myself she saw the very outdated pic of me as a toddler with blonde hair so was very confused when I turned out to be brunette 🙂


So thank you Darren McKay for giving me the push that I needed to get under5foot going!

I still owe you lunch on the pavement by the way *grin*


poodles: I just LUFF poodles!

I desperately want a puppy but sadly our flat won’t allow for another living creature in such small confinement.

Jame – it’s time to upgrade! I want a puppy!


Jamie’s not a poodle fan however, which makes me sad, but we have come to an agreement on a French bull dog – yes I know they’re so ugly their cute! He’s fallen in love with one on the espresso show , Bob, and now wants his own. let’s just hope I’m not allergic.. they have short hair so I might be ok.. hmph.

he even has his own facebook page – seriously!

check out his espresso debut 🙂


anything French: that goes without saying!


CHRISTMAS: Carols., presents, dinners, get-togethers, Christmas hat’s, braai’s, friends, fun times!

and with christmas comes summer! i love that too 🙂

tanning at kelvin, beaching – bliss!


cool new products: these are some awesome new produces I’ve spied these last few says – so awesome!

kitchen and bathroom cleaner sets – woollies you’re genius!


MOO biscuits – my nick name growing up was moo (thanks dad) and so I cant help but heart these!

BOBBLE! – such a cool new product 0 I was given on for my birthday which Jamie keeps hijacking. as I NEVER drink unfiltered water this has been a godsend tome. Its filters yiur water as you drink so now I don’t need to go through the process of boiling all my water and filling up jugs.


lower case: I seem to really love writing in lower case and find myself quite averse to upper case these days. not sure why, I know its grammatically incorrect and e.e cummings seemed to get it right



social media: as you know I LOVE social media. can’t imagine life without it. One of my nest social media loves is the new facebook timeline – I think it’s going to be awesome!

As a child my mom send hours upon hours making scrap books for my brother and eye – encompassing pictures, cards, drawings, anything really for every year of our lives – well up until standard 5.

Just image if she had Facebook – she would have saved so much time, and our dining room wouldn’t still have the reminisces of our childhood scattered all over it – yes it was been like this for over 10 years as she hasn’t had time to complete them! OCD? naaa.. never!


hope you heart my hearts too



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