would you shop like this?

check out this awesome innovation Tesco’s implemented in South Korea using QR codes. such a simple idea – it’s always those sneaky simple ones that crack it!

can anyone say facebook?

Essentially their concept was to use life size banners that display supermarket brands with QR codes . those of you squinting your eyes in confusion read more on QR codes on Digitlab’s blog.

The QR code was assigned to each item, just like regular stores do with price tags.

The consumer then scans the item, pays online and the item gets delivered to their door by the end of the day.

The objective behind the campaign was to create more sales without opening new stores.

Considering the growth in smart phones, and their capabilities, this was defiantly a good route to go.

would you shop like this? personally I’m a touchy feely kinda gal but I suppose if I was walking along and saw a life size image of toilet paper that suddenly reminded me I needed to get some I might give it a go!



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