Can I buy your 3 year olds’ tiara with my coupon?

Seriously can’t believe Christmas is over already.
Although it was super busy by the time Christmas day actually arrived I found myself pretty chilled and having an afternoon nap.
Now NY (new year – not new york) to look forward to.

Since I’ve been on ‘holiday’ for the last few days it feels odd to be sans my computer, and hence, sans underfoot.

Although I let my internet usage slide over the Christmas period, I managed to catch up on my TV viewing.
Jamie and I were house sitting and lucky for us – we were privileged to have DSTV.. yes, DSTV, PVR how I have missed you. Definitely on the ‘to get list’ for 2012. If the world doesn’t end.

In the same breath it’s probably a good thing we don’t have DSTV – I mean there is so much more garbage on, yet somehow one isn’t able to turn it off. It’s moreish, and addictive.

Prime example – toddlers in tiaras and extreme couponing – must be the most ridiculous shows I have every seen in my life, yet I am addicted.

Yes my mom did enter me into baby competitions when I was younger (and yes I did win.. that’s not the point) but these hillbilly Americans seriously take the cake. 3 years olds with veneers and fake tans? That’s crazy madness!

And yes, I have always thought myself a bit of a ‘loyalty slut’ meaning that have a loyalty card for every brand that will give me one and I am loyal to them in order to earn points, stickers, coupons etc eventually equalling a freebie, but I am NOHING compared to these Americans. Its like mini 30 year olds trapped in a 3 year old body. Kinda freaky..

After seeing the copious amounts of stuff these people buy – just because they can leaves no wonder as to why we are living in a world of consumerism and global warming.

I mean seriously who really needs a stock pile of products worth $10 000 in their basement? Another mystery solved there too – no wonder half the population is obese.

I think its pretty disgusting that we, humans, have such a need for stuff, and greed that leads people to end up like this. I’ll bet anyone that the parents of the toddlers in tiaras are seeing dollar signs, like the coyote in loony tunes sees the road runner as a chicken drumstick, every time they look at their 3 year olds getting a spray tan.

Only in the US of A!

But I think humans have actually always been quite crazy.. we just didn’t make reality shows out of it.
I mean do you remember this….

Someone must have been tripping big time when they came up with that, not that I am condoning such behaviour, but with over 12 000 000 youtube views, seems like they got something right.

And on that note, I must bid adieu. Tomorrow we embark for the non-republic of Betty’s Bay to welcome in the end of the world. As Savannah would have you say.. the end is dry,

See you all in 2012!



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