Posted in January 2012

a tale to be told.

I’m continually surprised by people, and literally from one extreme to another.   Sundays always present themselves as great days to get out and do “outdoorsy” stuff. As such we decided a hike up Lions head would make for a god use of a Sunday morning.    As a gift, Jamie had been given a … Continue reading

DA Youth poster ruffles some feathers.

Many feathers seemed a bit ruffled in the twittersphere a few days ago with the launch of the DASO 2012 campaign featuring a young white male and a black female in a rather intimate position. The image was released via social networks which caused quite a stir amongst a number of political and religious groups. … Continue reading

Pat on the back.

Most people like being rewarded when they do something good. Whether it is performing well at work, in sports, helping a friend, academic or just doing a good deed, it boosts our confidence and makes us feel damn good about ourselves. This has been pounded into us since childhood. The gold star scheme is a … Continue reading

shoop shoop

Friday always puts me in a good mood, to celebrate lets go back in time with the “shoop shoop” song – that’s sure to get your feet tapping, and booty shaking. One of my all-time favourites, enjoy!

toilet humour.

It often amazes me the weird and wonderful things that people get up to in the bathroom. Not to be crude or anything, but some strange things go down. We girls seem to be more reserved when it comes to bathroom etiquette. You will never find unpleasant liquid on the floor, or seat, the lid … Continue reading

F-commerce takes off in SA.

So did you get up at the crack of dawn to get your free wimpy breakfast this morning? No surprise that I didn’t but driving into work I did hear it being discussed at large on various radio stations. They too shared my sentiment of not fully understanding the fascination and dedication of people to … Continue reading

A word of thanks.

To those of you who know who you are, and those of you who know who I am talking about, I just want to say thank you.   Thank you for making me realise the many blessings and good things I have in my life. Thank you for giving me the courage to take charge … Continue reading

afternoon social buzz.

With an hour left of the traditional work day, thought I’d share some awesome innovations in social media I’ve been reading about. Firstly the launch of Samsung’s “Smart Window” technology at CES this year is quite incredible. Just think – in a few years everything will be controlled at a touch of a button, or … Continue reading


Too many good things took place this weekend. So much so that I just wish it could have gone on a wee bit longer. To kick off the weekend, two of my besties came round for dinner on Friday night.  I made a roast chicken and veggies, yes something I’m famous for, and we had … Continue reading