bienvenue 2012

2012 has arrived. and the world is still here. woop woop.

2011 was the BEST new year’s party EVER!
Usually I find new year’s very over rated and am generally quite disappointed but this year new year’s, shjo, it exceeded my expectations!

It’s true what they say – good friends are about quality, not quantity. With only 7 of us to see in the new year it was really one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time.
The 30th was a bit of an interesting night – think the details of such event should be censored – but we got through it and had a fabulous new year’s eve party!

The drive up was rather nerve-racking as my old faithful 1.3 Opel Corsa decided to have a midlife crisis and almost died on the drive up as it was overheating badly. the boys decided to play ‘fix-a car – fix a car’ (while us girls played paint-nails paint-nails) on the 31st and it turns out that the water-heater-cylinder-thingy has died. eish.

We did manage to get back ok, but the drive was very slow, and very stressful!

Besides the car trouble Bettys was really the perfect place to see in the new year. I never expected to party it up at the local pub jol Chamelot
The guys at the pub didn’t know what hit them when our little party arrived!

2 nights in a row of partying took it out of me though – Jame and I literally spent the last 2 days vegetating on the couch, both too exhausted to do too much of anything.

We manage to get ourselves up for long enough to go see One day with Anne Hathaway at Nouveau yesterday – absolutely  brilliant, had me in tears – such a heartfelt and moving story. definitely  worth going to.

This morning I was up at the crack of dawn to take my poor little car in to get sorted out..
I think it might be time for a trade in.

Considering the Nissan Micra – think it’s such a cute little car and I have my eye on one that’s going for a very good price. Top Gear gave it quite a good review too.  Having experienced it first-hand (courtesy of Wends) it’s a great little car – easy to drive, fuel efficient, comes with all the trimmings and yet still affordable.

Also looking at the Ford Figo, VW polo or Honda Jazz but all of those come with a much higher price tag..

As I’m stranded today the car sales guys are bring the Micra and Figo around to my office for me to have a look at – great service!

So hopefully lots of exciting things in store for 2012 – not to count ones chickens before they hatch but I have a good feeling that this year is going to be great!



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