this and that

Another weekend gone, and  it seems cape town is slowly starting to get back into work mode.


as my car is still being fixed, I’m still carless which puts a bit of a spanner in the works, mind the pun.


It is quite nice to be driven around though, I miss being driven. as a child I recall spending hours on end in the car with my mom going from one place to another, from one dance class to the next, shop to shop and so on. I never really paid much attention to where we were going – needless to say my sense of direction is much to be desired, although over the last 5 years of having to navigate on my own I have gotten a lot better.


once I get past canal walk though it’s like unknown territory. I am completely lost.

Smammy and her mom adopted 2 precious little kittens last week and we spent Friday evening playing with them – although my allergies got in the way, they are just so adorably irresistible!

My desire for a fluffy loving creature of my own is gradually growing. I asked jame if he’d be bleek if I just arrived home with a puppy. he said “only if it’s a poodle”. I wasn’t impressed.

I just LUFF poodles.. but you should know that by now.

But we’re seriously considering the French bulldog we just need to move into a bigger place. with a garden. anyone know who has one so I can go play and test my allergic status?

Sam and the boys weren’t shy to point out at our Saturday kelvin tanning session that yes, I am just one big allergy. they nicknamed me ‘the rash’. again, not impressed, but I go with it.

on the topic of allergies is so weird – all my life eggs have been high up on my allergic list but recently I have been craving boiled eggs. not scrambled, fried, poached or devilled. nope just plain boiled. and what’s weird is that they haven’t made me feel sick.. maybe my egg-allergy is slowly retreating.

I only like them in salads though. I’m not one of your ‘bacon and egg’ kinda breakfast gal. speaking of which, yesterday 30 of us (yes, t h i r t y..) went for a birthday breakfast at Cafeen in Harfield Village. it’s such a quaint little place – I just love it! They make the most divine food and the breakfast I always have is the muesli one (surprise surprise) and it comes served with the fruit on the side in an apple that has been hallowed out 🙂  too cute

Was great to see some familiar faces that have been AWOL for a while..

Tess and I ventured to Cavendish after stuffing ourselves at breakfast and low and behold all the shops were on sale. very bad idea. but managed to score a few amazing deals on things I really needed. next year I think I’m going to be all my Christmas shopping in January. family and friends be warned.

And so we return to the regular, slightly mundane, swing of things.

There are some exciting things on the cards though…

This Saturday Jame, my parents and I are going to Phantom of the Opera –so excited!

I have been dying to go and bought our tickets such a long time ago which makes the anticipation that much greater..

Jame and I are also planning to do the TSiBA-New Balance wine farm run on 28 Jan, so better get-a -training!

Hopefully I’ll get my car back soon – feeling very sorry for myself without her.. my running might come in handy if I don’t get her back soon 😦



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