all new. all SA. tslops.

I’m all for supporting local, for as we know China seems to be killing our local retailers. The sad thing is that sometimes local isn’t that lekker, but not in all cases, and definitely not in the case of tslops.

Tslops is a new brand, about to hit the SA market. It’s our local version of havaianas, or if you’re old school and remember Bio Tribe, or for the less fashion conscious, good old flip flops.  Tslops are in a league of their own – the story, passion and crafting that goes into each pair is truly inspiring, and cannot be compared. The name just sounds cool too 😉


Every pair of tslops is handmade by rural communities. The tslops brand falls under parent company Corrida Shoes who are known for Tsonga – a world class product range – that’s been going for over 28 years.

The Tsonga philosophy is to change the way the world works by enabling people to run successful businesses of their own. That’s what I like most about this brand – giving local South Africans the opportunity to learn a skill and generate sustainable income. Every pair is made by hand, by local South Africans. It doesn’t get more authentic than that.

Their business model not only creates jobs, sustains the local economy but results in local empowerment, pride and of course a truly unique and beautiful product.

Locals are able to stay in their home town and still practise their trade – mini factories are in the process of being set up around the KwaZulu Natal midlands, and hopefully one day, extend to the rest of the country.  Let’s hope!

Their ‘factories’ or ‘offices’ are far from what we’re used to. Making use of shipping containers they’re mobile and can me moved around and reused.  Nice take on sustainable business practise.

But as a consumer what it all comes down to is the product itself..

I’ve spied them at poetry so I just might just have to pop in *grin*

I promise to share a few pictures as soon as I can get my hands on a pair of them. I’m hoping they make small sizes that will fit my tiny size 2 feet!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can look forward to 🙂

Tsonga Tslops from Niceonesteve on Vimeo.


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