Would you eat this?

It would take a lot for you to get me to eat a regular fast food burger, but gee-whiz, would it take a lot of persuasion and bribery to get me to eat these.

Quick – fast food chain with European origin recently announced the launch of their ‘Dark Vader’ and ‘Jedi’ burgers in line with the re-release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D.

What they’ve done is quite unnerving to tell you the truth. In dying the buns used for the limited edition burger black literally took them over to the dark side.

The burgers aren’t available yet (to be launched 31 January 2012) but press ads have already conjured up quite a storm in the media arena attracting international TV converge as well as lots of talk in the social media realm.

Quick assures consumers that the buns are perfectly edible , safe and not burnt as they have used a vegetable-based colorant (commonly used to dye confectionery) to turn their buns black. Looks dodgy to me…



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