Too many good things took place this weekend. So much so that I just wish it could have gone on a wee bit longer.

To kick off the weekend, two of my besties came round for dinner on Friday night.  I made a roast chicken and veggies, yes something I’m famous for, and we had a really chilled evening. Just what I needed! Watching Eddie Izzard and “shit that girls say” on YouTube was something worth staying in for, as disheartening as that may sound.

Terrible I know but still cracks me up! Many of these skits are actually quite clever as they’re blatantly ripping off the ridiculousness of modern society.  Something which soars miles above the heads of the average American…

The reason for Friday being such a chilled evening was that Jame had planned a hike for a 7:30 start on Saturday morning.  Let’s just say that 7:30 came and went but the hike did eventually happen.

Lions head was packed but it was a really awesome hike and I can’t wait for the next one. Mishy, my college friend came with us which was absolutely stunning. Very impressed we all managed to keep up and make it to the top and hopefully this will become a regular occurrence.

As Barney from How I Met your mother would say – challenge accepted!

The real highlight of this weekend was Phantom of the Opera. It was phenomenal to say the least.  Jame and I, along with the famdamaly took our seats and knew we were in for a treat.  With a standing novation it’s needless to say how brilliant the show was. From the cast, costumes, set, and special effects there was definitely no room for error.

The amount of work that goes into every little detail of the show is incredible. Have a look at the behind the scenes footage – a small insight into what goes on when the curtains are closed.

I still have the chorus of masquerade on repeat in my head.

Artscape, or as is used to be known – The Nico Malan – holds a very special place in my heart. Having done ballet for a number of years I really feel as if I grew up on that stage. I danced at the UCT ballet school all through my childhood and as such performed a number of times with the company (back then I knew it as Capeab) Cape Town City Ballet.

I have such great memories from all the performances and really feel as if I know the Nico and like the back of my hand. I cannot explain to you the number of hours I spent in rehearsals and back stage. It was like another world. A place of my childhood.

The people I met were unforgettable. From the transvestite hair and makeup artist who had us in hysterics every time we went to get our locks put in for the Nutcracker, from the crazy choreographer who was renowned for throwing chairs when things didn’t go his way, to all the amazingly talented dancers I met – ballet, and performing, is definitely something I miss dearly.

So every time I go to a performance at Artscape I really feel at home and think back fondly.

Ballet and any performing art, is such a tough and cutthroat industry, far more challenging than any 9-5 job. When you’re a dancer or a performer that’s your life. You live, eat, breath and sleep it.

It’s a hard life and I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for every dancer and performer. I know first-hand how challenging it can be and having danced for a great portion of my life I appreciate the level of difficulty in many of the routines that are made to look so easy.

So to all the YouTube and fly by night stars out there –I’d really love to see them undergo the rigorous and challenging training that goes into dance.

Back in the day actors were trained in all forms of performing arts. Look at Frank Sinatra and Ginger Rodgers – they could act, sing and dance. They were trained in variety of techniques and that to me is a real talented star. Not like the incompetent bunch of so called celebrities we have today who are famous, quite frankly, for being famous.

Call me old fashioned but I wish I’d lived in the days of the Rat Pack and real entertainment.

So here’s to the real performers. Phantom SA you did us proud.

Encore! *standing ovation*


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